About Us

The Philosophy

Our philosophy is to give its customers the optimum quality/price combination with an excellent service and delivery time. It can also adjust its products according to customer needs. For that reason it aims at becoming a partner with its customers rather than a traditional supplier.

Company Profile

Since the inception of the company in India in 1951, we are committed to quality by using the best materials available and investing in improving our manufacturing facilities.

Our company established in 1918, With times we have grown from a small unit to a multifaceted company. Having an assortment of more than 300 strainers and sieves, covering the 80% of Indian market through our integrated dealer’s network, exporting to 15 countries and still counting. With our age old experience we strive to grow further and cater to the needs of varied uses. We are committed to strive for the best and satisfy our customers.

In the zeal to cater to the needs of our customers in India we have collaborated with Metaltex, Italy to serve you the best of Kitchenware tools in India. All the products meet the stringent European food safety measures. Its another effort from our company to serve convenience for your kitchen.

And Tomorrow

The main targets in the near future are:

- Increase the range of the products offered

- Offer even better value (quality/price) products

- Be established in the new market sectors

- Better business relations with suppliers

- Constant and continuous improvement of the service offered to its clients